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PRGA engineers are capable and professional. They learned the product details quickly and resolved numerous problems. I was very pleased with the services provided. Comtrol Corp.

Project Examples

  • Design and development of an ultra-low power device for the AMR (automated meter reading) industry capable of accurately measuring gas or fluid consumption data, collecting time-of-day consumption distribution data, and reporting to a central host
  • Real-time Linux with ADEOS/Xenomai real-time extensions, design and development for a retransfer printer for color printing on plastic cards
  • Software design and development of a controller for a water softener with integrated switches and multiple screens on a dot-matrix display
  • Redundant/failsafe operation control software for a chemical manufacturing plant
  • Hardware refactoring for telecommunications circuits security system to achieve international compliance and compatibility with V.90 modems
  • Design and development of software platform to perform hardware testing of fast network switching telecommunications device