Objectives for this Section

As a professional engineer, you are already familiar with this material.

This section is intended to be a collection of notes that you wish you had taken, or wish you had organized better as you were earning your degree. Surely you have opened your old textbooks to review a topic since you have graduated!

These notes can also be used to aid in enlightening your non-engineering manager or client about some of the issues that you face as you design your projects.

Hopefully, these notes will save you some time. We will add topics as they seem appropriate (and as we have time).

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Engineering 101 Index

Accuracy and PrecisionReview of accuracy versus precision
Accuracy, Trueness, and PrecisionReview of ISO 5725-1 definitions
ASCII Character ChartChart of ASCII characters
Common ConversionsAbbreviated table of common conversion factors
Repeatability and ReproducabilityReview of repeatability and reproducability issues
Rules for RoundingReview of rules for rounding numeric values
Significant FiguresReview of significant digits with examples
Uncertainty in AccuracyReview of computational certainty